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Easy Tutorial Root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i

By David Smith on Thursday, 14 February 2013 5 comments

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is one of mid-range android devices best sellers, though it is quit a lot, thanks to good performance of this product, respectable specifications and especially by the excellent quality-price ratio, the galaxy Ace did register home Samsung a good number of sales even during the last holiday season.It goes without saying that produce suitable courseware and guides on same device is almost an obligation for us green toy robot fanatics.In this guide we'll show you the steps to follow to obtainroot permissions on the galaxy ace model S5830i.Note well that"i"in the acronym.This differentiates it from the classical S5830 of which we have already drafted a guide, which is linked in the requirements below.No time to lose in chatter, we review the specific procedure.
how to root galaxy ace s5830i


  1. ASamsung Galaxy Ace S5830i.You have the classic S5830? Then the guide that's right for you can find it HERE.
  2. Battery at least at 80%.
  3. Backup the device to avoid losing any data.
  4. Root File downloadable from HERE(Thanks site).


  • Download root file previously linked to item number four above requirements.
  • Turn off your Galaxy Ace S5830i.
  • Riaccederlo in recovery mode.How to do it?Simple.Just hold down contemporarily volume up, more power button and Home button.If it still does not do this:After the emergence of written Samsung, continue to hold only the Home button until the definitive entry into recovery.
  • As regards the recovery move menu with the volume keys and select with the Home button.
  • Find the menu option"Apply update from sd card"and then select the Home button the previously downloaded file the installation will begin.
  • At the end of the process, the system will restart and you can enjoy the device with root permissions enabled.
Performed correctly all pasaggi above shows? Well, thanks to these you have managed to obtainroot permissionson the model S5830i ace.A round of applause to you and until next time!

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Denis Gordo said...

Thanks for the tutorial, but the link to the S5830 doesn't seems to be working.
I found that video tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 that really helped me

Alessio Pagetti said...

This tutorial made by thanks for share in english lenguage.

ca.chetansoni said...

Cant mount sd card

R.A.D droid said...

Will this work for android version 2.3.6?

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